• Coco Brey

Black and White Bathroom Remodel

We are installing a bathroom where none exists. This bathroom will be installed within the current layout of the master bedroom. We will be taking existing closet space to accommodate a larger double vanity and a toilet nook. Demo has not begun but we will keep you updated on the progress. To plan for a complicated project like this one we started with plumbing. We asked a plumber to come out and give us an estimate on the install and to give us some confidence that a project like this is possible. We then hired a structural engineer to assess the walls we would be moving and assess whether or not we were messing with anything structural to the house. We then began making detailed plans that met city building codes. I created a 3D plan on sketch up and brought the plans to the city for permitting. Our plans were approved (YAY!) and now the fun part of shopping has begun. Our design will complement the current style of the house which is mostly styled as a modern farm house. We will be doing a black and white color scheme with accents of warm natural wood. We will keep you updated on our progress.

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